A unique concept

Sushi Daily is the No.1 sushi operator in Europe, with over 1000 kiosks and counting. In groceries, supermarkets and travel hubs across Europe, our kiosks delight customers with high calibre Sushi Artisans, who craft excellent sushi with great care and skill. 

From the whole salmon to the finished roll, they showcase the art of preparing sushi—attracting loyal customers through their authentic handiwork. With hundreds of artisans across an exclusive network of retail partners, we also sell millions of boxes every year to happy diners across Europe.

Fresh and engaging

Our customers don’t have to worry about whether their sushi is fresh: they can see it. So all of our products are prepared from scratch—using only the finest ingredients— and sold on the same day.

The mesmerising process fascinates customers, and excites them about the prospect of eating freshly made food, crafted by experts. Our kiosks also run tasting sessions at peak supermarket hours, delighting shoppers with fresh flavours and positive interactions with our artisans.

Exciting changes are now happening as we are refreshing our look & feel.

Stay tuned to learn more. 

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