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Working with Sushi Daily will give you more than just a partner.  It gives you:

What is the application process?

We’re always excited to meet new potential partners. To apply to open a kiosk with us, follow these simple steps below:

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Answers to your most frequent questions

  1. Where can I find a Sushi Daily kiosk?

    We operate across more than 10 European countries. Find our kiosks on this map, or discover our latest locations when you apply.

  2. Can I operate more than one kiosk (in the long term)?

    Eventually. We want our kiosks in the best possible hands—so if, after a year of successful partnership, you want to run more kiosks, we’ll happily consider it.

  3. Do I need to be involved in the day-to-day management and operations?

    Yes. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who will actively manage the kiosk, rather than see it as just an investment. Sushi Daily is a full-time business and needs partners to be hands-on.

  4. Do I need previous restaurant or business experience?

    Not necessarily. We do look for candidates with strong backgrounds in either business management or food, but it isn’t mandatory: we look at every case individually before we come to a decision.

  5. What do I get with my investment?

    Your investment gives you a ‘ready-to-go’ revenue stream: the equipment you need, the prime location, the training before you open, and support throughout our partnership.

  6. Which are the legal requirements to join Sushi Daily?

    You must have the right to work in the country of choice, and the right to open a Limited Liability Company. You can learn more about this when you apply.

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